Friday, June 15, 2018

"S.I.N.G." - by ZoSia Karbowiak

We have sent a new shipment to CD Baby to fulfill latest demand for my solo CD "S.I.N.G." Please feel free to place your order with them. If they run out we will quickly send them more! thank you! xo ZoSia

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Join Us For New Years Eve!

Show Me A Sign - featuring Warren Wiebe & ZoSia Karbowiak

I am so pleased to share with YOU a small snippet of my virtual duet with the legendary Warren Wiebe from Contante & Sonante Latest Release " Tomi Malm's Walkin' On Air" Courtesy of Gabriel Raya. Please remember to pick up your download or the physical CD for your friends and family for the Holidays

🔸Contante & Sonante (physical CD):
🔸CD Baby:

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Promotion @ Radio Koszalin For Tomi Malm's "Walkin' On Air"

from Contante & Sonante:
"Only a few days after the release date, we had our wonderful ZoSia at Polskie Radio Koszalin (PRK) to promote Tomi Malm's new album 'Walkin’ On Air'. ZoSia has recorded backing vocals on many of the album tracks and lead vocals on 'Show Me A Sign’, a heart-wrenching duet with the unforgettable Warren Wiebe. Tomi Malm ‘Walkin’ On Air’ is now available for download or on compact disc at music sites everywhere."

Contante & Sonante:
CD Baby: